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Contact us
You can consult our sales team by visiting our office. You can also contact us via the contact us page or via email to sales@eaml.co.ke
Vehicle Selection
We will guide you in selection of a vehicle that fits your requirements. There are several thousand vehicles on sale in the auctions at any one time hence you will have ample variety to choose from.

We will also guide you on how to check the condition of a car via use of the auction sheet. The cost of a car will greatly depend on its condition as appearing in its auction sheet.
Purchase of Vehicle in Japan
Once you select a vehicle, we will place bid on your behalf upon receipt of minimum 10 percent deposit (10 percent of total car cost).
Jevic inspection and deregistration
After a successful bid, we will organize for the car to undergo Jevic inspection and deregistration from Japan. Entire process of Jevic inspection and deregistration takes an average of 2 weeks after which the car is shipped.
Shipping and Payments
Vehicle is shipped approx. 15 days after successful purchase in Japan. After departure in Japan, vessel will take approx. 25 days to dock in the port of Mombasa. You will make payment of 40 percent of car cost once we send you the vehicle shipping instructions i.e. just before the vessel has left Japan. We will send you copies of import documents (bill of lading & certificate of road worthiness inspection) a few days after departure of the vessel from Japan. You pay the remaining 30 percent once vessel has arrived in Mombasa and 20 percent as we deliver vehicle to you in Nairobi i.e. once you confirm that vehicle is as ordered.
Clearing and Registration in Kenya
Once the car arrives in the port of Mombasa, we will arrange for its port clearance and registration. With the help of our dedicated clearing agents, we will ensure that your car is cleared in the shortest time possible. The clearing process will take an average of 4 working days.
Vehicle delivery
Once car has been cleared in Mombasa, we shall deliver the vehicle to you as per agreement.

If your vehicle is financed via bank loan, we will deliver the car to your after your bank has processed the loan. Most banks take an average of about 4 days to process a car loan.