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Guides and tips on importing vehicle to kenya
How to understand the Japanese Auction Sheet
An auction sheet is a document filled by a vehicle inspector as they inspect a car in a Japanese auction.
The document describes in detail the condition of the car, its options, accessories and any defects.
The auction sheet is therefore a very important document and greatly determines the cost
of the vehicle.   
 Japanese auction inspection officers are very objective in their reporting on the car condition so as to uphold high trust and credibility for the dealers/auctions system.
What is the grading system used at Japanese auction houses?
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Documents required for clearing and registration of vehicle in Kenya
We will require below documents to clear and register your vehicle in Kenya.
- Copy of Kenya revenue Authority (KRA) PIN certificate.
- Copy of national identity card for individuals  or copy of incorporation certificate for companies.
* Please note that for duty-free vehicles, we will require your original passport (not a copy).
- Original bill of lading. We will obtain this from our shipping company in 
- Original Roadworthiness inspection (RWI) certificate. We will obtain this certificate from Quality Inspection Services Inc Japan (QISJ)
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Duty-Free vehicle import for Diplomats
The government of Kenya allows you to import a duty-free vehicle if you are a diplomat working in Kenya.
You will need to liaise with the protocol /liaison officer in your organization who will carry out the necessary checks to confirm that you are eligible for import duty exemption.
The protocol officer will also assist you in the process of getting the necessary approvals from the ministry of foreign affairs.
You will need to select a vehicle that meets the requirements for import to Kenya as stipulated by the government. Click here to view general rules and regulations for import of vehicles to Kenya.
Which documents will we require from you for vehicle Clearance in mombasa port?
1.      Scanned copy of PRO 1B form that has been approved by the ministry of foreign affairs  - This is the application form for authority to import duty-free vehicle by entitled foreign personnel in Kenya. Click here to view a blank PRO 1B form.
The protocol / liaison officer in your organization will assist you in the application / submission of PRO 1B to the ministry of foreign affairs for approval.
2.     Copy of PIN Certificate from Kenya revenue authority (KRA). You can apply for the PIN certificate via KRA website.
3.     Your original diplomatic passport and diplomatic ID. We will only require this once the vehicle arrives in Mombasa and will return to you as soon as the vehicle has been cleared. Clearing process in Mombasa will take  about 3 or 4 days.
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Rules and regulations for import of vehicles to Kenya
Vehicle Age- Age of vehicle should not exceed eight years i.e. from year of first Registration in Japan e.g. in year 2017, you can only import vehicles registered from year 2010 upwards.
-The difference between the date of manufacture and the date of first registration should be not more than one year.
Right Hand Drive Vehicles - Vehicle imported for use in Kenya should be right hand drive (RHD) because drivers should always drive on the left side of the road in Kenya.
- Left hand drive vehicles can only be imported for special purposes e.g. ambulances, fire Tenders and large construction vehicles imported for projects and to be eventually donated to the Kenyan Government.
Vehicle Roadworthiness Inspection - All pre-export vehicles destined for use in Kenya must undergo Roadworthiness Inspection (RWI). The inspection is conducted by JEVIC (Japan Export Vehicle Inspection Center) as per mandate from the Kenya Bureau of Standards. Other companies mandated to carry out this inspection are Auto Terminal Japan Ltd (ATJ) and Quality Inspection Services Inc Japan (QISJ).
- The inspection checks to ensure that the vehicles are not more than 8 years old, are right hand drive, have genuine mileage and that the vehicles pass a safety &mechanical inspection similar to the Japanese periodic inspection.
- The inspection checks Radioactive contamination. To safeguard consumer safety it is imperative that all used vehicles imported from Japan and Dubai undergo an inspection to detect any radioactive contamination. Only vehicles whose level of contamination is within acceptable limits will be issued with a certificate of conformity.
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Returning Residents (LHD vehicle countries)
Guidelines for importation of duty free vehicles by Kenya residents returning from countries that operate LHD vehicles
Following His Excellency the President’s directive that returning residents from the Diaspora who cannot enjoy duty free facility on their left hand vehicles be allowed to import into Kenya vehicles of similar category duty free, The National Treasury and the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) have developed guidelines to implement the directive. The guidelines here below will be administered by the Kenya Revenue Authority and all applications to utilize the facility should therefore be made to the Commissioner of Customs Services.
Guidelines (revised) for importation of duty free vehicles by Kenyan residents returning from countries that operate left hand drive vehicles
In accordance with Section 247(b) of the East African Community Customs Management Act, 2004, the Commissioner of Customs Services shall allow residents returning from countries operating left hand drive motor vehicles, to import a duty free right hand drive replacement vehicle from any other source subject to the following conditions:
1. The person must be bona fide changing residence (permanently) from a place outside Kenya and not merely making a short visit back home.
2. The returning resident must prove ownership and use of the previously owned left hand drive vehicle in the country of former residence for a period of at least one year, prior to his/her return
3. The returning resident must provide proof of disposal (transfer of ownership) of the previously owned left hand driVe vehicle before changing residence from the former country of residence.
4. The replacement vehicle must be of similar category with the previously owned left hand vehicle with regard to make, engine rating and year of manufacture.
5. Both the previously owned left hand vehicle and the right hand replacement vehicle must not be any of the following categories:
a) Bus or minibus of a seating capacity of more than 13 passengers.
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