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Cookies Policy

What’s a cookie

A cookie is a tiny little file that’s stored on your computer. It contains the address of the Web site and codes that your browser sends back to the Web site each time you visit a page there. Cookies don’t usually contain personal information or anything dangerous; they’re usually harmless and useful.

Here is an example…

Google uses cookies to help customise ads on Google properties, like Google Search. For example, they use such cookies to remember your most recent searches, your previous interactions with an advertiser’s ads or search results, and your visits to an advertiser’s website. We do not have any third party cookies on our website so these do not apply.

Our relationship with cookies

We do not have a login for customers and there is no facility to leave a comment, therefore you can rest assured there are no cookies following your visit to our site eaml.co.ke. Any interraction is through our 2 web forms which comply to the standards stipulated in our Privacy Policy.